Samajwadi Party MP Wants Muslim Men To Consider Hindu Girls Their Sisters

The Uttar Pradesh government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath which has been battling to counter the interfaith marriage, claiming that Hindu girls were lured by Muslim boys passed the 'love jihad' ordinance.  

Following this, Samajwadi Party Moradabad MP Dr. S. T. Hasan appealed to the Muslim boys to consider Hindu girls as their sisters and said they should not fall for the Hindu girls.

Talking to the media over the love jihad ordinance, the MP called the ordinance a political stunt and said that such an ordinance will hinder the rights of individuals to choose their partners.

However, he said most of the couples who get married to people of other faiths are happy. If any sort of issue arises, they will put the blame on the Muslim boys.

Considering all the issues, the MP asked the Muslim boys to consider Hindu girls as their sisters. He said he is giving this advice so that the Muslim boys won't attract any problems.

The term love jihad gained momentum after a spine chilling murder of a 21-year-old Hindu girl took place in Faridabad of Haryana. The victim's family said that the Muslim boy Tauseef has been troubling her to convert to Islam to marry her.

After she refused his demands, he shot her outside her college in October, this year. The accused and his accomplice was arrested by the cops.

Looking at the 'love jihad' ordinance passed by the UP government, individuals who force Hindu women to change their belief could be jailed for up to five years. If someone tries to force SC/ST minor girls or women they will be slapped with heavy fines.

The UP government passed the love jihad ordinance amid strong opposition from the opposition parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party, and others. The opposition slammed the government for bringing such an ordinance instead of looking at serious issues like unemployment.

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