Benz Car Rammed Another Car In Banjara Hills

The Royal Tiffin Center at Banjara Hills Road No. 3 has become a danger spot for passengers. The area had witnessed frequent road accidents and loss of life. Now, yet another accident was reported at Banjara Hills Road No. 3.

Two others were seriously injured when their car collided with a Benz car at midnight. According to reports, a Benz car collided with the Indica car and two were severely injured in the accident. Initial enquiries suggest the driver was driving under influence of alcohol.

The drunken from the nearby pub hurried into the road in a Benz car. Three young men and a young woman were found in the luxury car at the time of the accident. Police have arrested Hardik Reddy who was driving the car, Akhil, Pramod and is investigating the case. As per reports, the officials are planning to set up speed breakers to avoid accidents. 
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