Why Is BJP Focusing On Bengalis In GHMC Polls?

This GHMC elections, the BJP is doing something very special. It is reaching out to a large number of Bengalis in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. A large number of Bengalis live in the twin cities, especially in and around Contonment area. The BjP is specially targeting them.

Why? The reason is the BJP has a long term strategy. The BJP wants to use these Bengalis to influence the voters in West Bengal, which is going to polls early next year. A large number of settled and old-time Bengalis in Hyderabad have relatives in West Bengal. These could be used to impress upon the relatives in West Bengal to vote for the BJP. They could be asked to make phone calls and write letters and emails.

Similarly, a large number of Bengalis are in the Old City to work as idol makers and gold smiths. These are migrants with strong roots in their native states. They work for a few months here and then go back to their native villages. Many of them are voters in West Bengal. The BJP is specially targeting them as they could become potential voters in West Bengal. BJP sources said that the party is forming Bengal Prakoshth (Bengal Cells) in all states to influence the Bengali migrants. This is part of the BjP strategy to win in West Bengal.
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