What's Behind KCR's Targeting BJP?

The TRS has re-strategised its GHMC poll campaign this time. While earlier it said the Congress Party was its main rival, this time around, it says the BJP is its arch foe. The Congress is completely ignored this time by the TRS. It is nowhere in the picture.

Consider this. In 2018 assembly elections, KCR had said that he considered the Congress his main opponent and not the BJP. In the last GHMC elections too, he sang the same song and said the BJP was not even a bleep on the radar.  But this time, things are different.

KCR has clearly targeted the BJP and criticised it in the harshest terms. He attacked not just the state leaders, but also the Central leaders. He said that the TRS government has managed to ensure that the city of Hyderabad did not have any communal trouble during the last six years. He also accused the BJP of communalising the atmosphere in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Even at the party's legislative meeting and in the presence of the MPs, KCR has said that he would soon form a national-level anti-BJP group to take on the BJP. He said that he would bring together leaders like the DMK, Trinamool Congress and other parties to rally against the BJP at the Centre. He also said that the TRS would challenge the Modi government and the BJP rule.  This is a clear indication that KCR is not going to let up even after the GHMC polls and would continue to target the party in the times to come.
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