US-Based Pfizer Applies For Approval For Emergency Use Of Its Vaccine

When the entire world is waiting for the potential vaccine to cure the ongoing pandemic, the US-based pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer, which recently announced its vaccine candidate is 95 percent effective in curing the virus came up with good news.

The American based Pharmaceutical company announced that they have applied for permission from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use their vaccine for emergency purposes.

Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla shared a video to confirm the application submission to seek permission from the FDA. He called the latest development as a great pride and joy.

In the application, the Pharmaceutical company included the safety data of not less than 100 children. The children belong to the age group of between 12-15.

Despite Moderna too announced its vaccine candidate achieved more than 90 percent effectiveness in preventing the pandemic, only Pfizer applied for the permission, making it the first company to do so.

Now all the eyes are on the FDA, which will take a call on permitting the pharmaceutical company. It is believed that the FDA will meet the next month and decide on this.

According to the deal, once the vaccine is rolled out, Pfizer first provided the vaccine for the public in the United Nation. Later, the company might provide vaccines to other nations.

More than other nations, the United States is eagerly waiting for the vaccine as more than one lakh fresh cases of novel Coronavirus have been registered since the US Presidential elections were held.
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