'Anjali Anjali' Cover Song: Birthday Girl Allu Arha As Adorable Anjali!

Allu Arjun's doting daughter Allu Arha is celebrating her fourth birthday today and here comes a big gift from her dad. The cover song of famous 'Anjali Anjali' song featuring Arha was released on Bunny's official Youtube channel and it is currently all over the internet.

The video started with giving special thanks to legends Mani Ratnam and Ilayaraja. It is named Allu Arha's Anjali and song captures all the cute and candid moments of Arha. The cute girl is looking absolutely adorable as the cinematographer captures her expressions beautifully and presented in the most natural way possible.

The video also shows the bond she has with her brother Allu Ayan, her dad Allu Arjun and her grandfather Allu Aravind. The cover song is quite beautiful and fans of Bunny are quite elated to watch Arha and her endearing smile all through the video. It is choreographed by Ganesh Swamy and Suryaa is the DOP while Madhu edited it.
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