Will KCR Apply Old Formula For GHMC Elections?

Is the TRS Government planning to have elections to the GHMC quite early rather than delaying it? If highly placed sources are to be believed, the TRS wants to have the GHMC elections in the third week of December and issue the election notification in the second week of November itself.

The reason is that the government does not want to give much time for the Opposition to regroup and organise themselves. Also, the TRS does not want the anti-incumbency to crystallise. It wants to follow the same strategy that it adopted for the 2018 assembly elections. By advancing the elections, it would catch the opponents by surprise and ensure that the popularity graph of the ruling party does not fall down beyond a critical level.

The TRS feels that the payment of Rs 10000 towards flood relief should be distributed at the earliest and the allotment of the double-bedroom houses should be expedited. Soon the repair of the badly damaged roads would be taken up. Immediately after this, the notification would be issued.  The ruling party will give more seats to women and lure the woman voters towards it. All these will help create a pro-TRS buzz, party sources feel.
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