Madras Pulls BSNL For Not Appointing A Candidate On Compassionate Ground

The verdict of the Madras High Court gave a sigh of relief for a person, who has been fighting to get employment from the state-owned BSNL on compassionate grounds after his father, an employee of the company died.

The case reached the court, after the petitioner, G Vijaya Prasanna who has been fighting to seek employment knocking on the doors of the High Court. He has been fighting for the job since 2003.

The two-judge bench comprising Justice M Sathyanarayanan and Justice R Hemalatha pulled up the state-run Telecommunications company for not appointing a deserving candidate.

With a serious tone, the bench said, giving employment on the compassionate ground is not a temple prasad or a charity act.

The petitioner told the court that his application filed in 2004 was kept on hold for a decade. In 2014, he got a reply from the authorities to file a new application in the new format.

The High Court added that losing a sole breadwinner will create an imbalance in the family with low income and directed the company to appoint the petitioner in three months.
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