Warangal Mass Murders: Court Awards Death Sentence To Convict Sanjay Kumar

The Warangal sessions court which heard the much talked about Gorrekunta mass murder case awarded the death sentence to 24-year-old convict Sanjay Kumar for killing nine persons.

With the convict confessing to killing all the nine victims before the court, the district judge awarded capital punishment to Sanjay Kumar Yadav.

The convict Sanjay Kumar has drugged the nine victims and dumped them into an agricultural well. He dumped the victims when they are in a state of unconsciousness

He dumped all the nine victims into the well to cover up the murder of a woman. The woman is a relative of all the victims. The victims include a three-year-old kid.

Sanjay Kumar Yadav drugged and killed nine people, Maqsood Alam (50), his wife Nisha Alam (45), their sons Shabaz Alam (21), Sohail Alam (20), daughter Bushra Alam (22), her three-year-old son, others Sriram (35), Shyam (40) and Shakeel (40)

Tracing back the shocking turn of events, convict Sanjay Kumar, who belongs to Bihar, shifted to Warangal for a living. He managed to get a job in a unit that makes gunny bags.

Sanjay, who used to stay with Maqsood's family slowly developed a relationship with a woman who goes by the name of Rafika. She is the relative of Maqsood'swife. He even promised to marry Rafika.

The convict had an eye on Rafika's teenage daughter, which Rafika has learned. She confronted him for trying to be close to her daughter. So he decided to get rid of Rafika.

On the pretext of meeting his parents to talk about their marriage, he tricked her to board a train. He offered her a drink mixed with sleeping pills. When she fell unconscious, he threw her out of the train.

After returning to Warangal single, Maqsood's wife doubted him and asked him whereabouts of Rafika. With the lady threatening to reach out to Police, Sanjay Kumar decided to kill the members of the family.

He then laced sleeping pills in the food that was prepared for a birthday party. After all the family members lost consciousness, he dumped them into agriculture well.
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