United States Covid Caseload Surpasses 90 Lakh

The novel Coronavirus originated from the dragon country China is spreading its deadly wings across the world. As of now, over 200 nations globally were affected by the pandemic.

Out of all the nations, the United States faced the wrath of the pandemic as it is the worst-affected nation globally with the pandemic outbreak. It has the highest number of cases and fatalities of the pandemic,

Adding more fears, the United States reported over 75,000 fresh infections of the pandemic. This pushes the total toll of cases in the nation to 9,037,951.

With the cold weather starting, the United States maintained an average of over 70,000 fresh Coronavirus infections, over the past week which resulted in increasing the country's caseload.

Despite the rapid growth of fresh cases, the recovery rate is also growing in the nation. So far, a total of 58,77,964 have been recovered from the virus, while over 226,000 patients have succumbed to the virus.

On the other hand, India, the second worst-affected country with Coronavirus outbreak globally managed to bring down the fresh infections rapidly. At one point India nearly added one lakh cases daily.

India witnessed 43,893 fresh pandemic cases in the last 24 hours. With this, the total infections in the nation zoomed to 79,90,322. Including 508 fresh fatalities, total casualties rose to 1,20,010.
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