A UK Court Found Indian-Origin Man Guilty of Killing A 69-year-old Man

The Inner London Sessions House Crown Court, which heard a death case of a 69-year-old former rugby player convicted Indian-origin Gurjeet Singh Lall of manslaughter.

The jury of the court found 36-year-old Gurjeet Singh guilty of killing Mr. Isichei by stabbing him after the duo indulged in an argument with Gurjeet Singh spitting in the street.

On August 24, 2019, Mr. Isichei while returning from a pub witnessed Lall leaning against a wall. Things escalated quickly after they both disagreed, the murdered spitting in the street.

After the argument, Gurjeet Singh took out his knife and stabbed the former rugby player. Isichei managed to disarm Lall and rang the doorbell of a neighbor for help.

His neighbors reacted quickly and called for the police and paramedics. Police rushed him to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. The former rugby player succumbed to the injuries on the way to the hospital.

Upon investigation, the police traced the location of Gurjeet Singh Lall and arrested on the charges of suspicion of attempted murder. Later the suspicion of murder charges was changed to murder.
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