Faridabad Murder Case: There is more than 'Love Jihad' angle!

The murder of a 21-year-old college-going student in Faridabad of Haryana on Monday led to national outrage. Based on the visuals captured by the CCTV, the cops arrested the accused and his accomplice.

After digging deep into the case, the cops reportedly unearthed a new 'love jihad,' angle in the shocking murder case.

Reports claimed that the victim Nikita Tomar was shot dead by accused Tauseef for refusing to convert to Islam and marry him. Unable to take the refusal Tauseef shot dead her.

The kin of the victim too alleged that the accused has been harassing her for years to change her belief. Back in 2018, a case was filed against Tauseef for harassing her.

A First Information Report (FIR) was filed against Tauseef and took him into custody. With FIR filing against him, Tauseef couldn’t complete his medicine, reports claimed.

The kin of the girl, who withdrew the case against the accused after the boy's parents requested them thought that they will not be any problems further.

On Monday, a 21-year-old student was shot dead outside her college. The CCTV installed outside the college recorded the visuals which show the accused and his friend trying to force her to get into the car.

After the victim refused to get inside the car, the accused shot her dead. After shooting her, both the accused and his friend escaped from the scene, while the girl succumbed to the injuries.
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