Action Star Releases Teaser Of His Gaming Platform FAU-G

The Action Superstar of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has made news yet again. This time he has surprised all by releasing the teaser of his ambitious gaming platform 'FAU-G'.

The star has been on a promotional spree for the past one month soon after the ban on Chinese gaming platform PUB-G.

The action star has recently wrapped up the shoot of his upcoming film 'Bell Bottom' and even announced the release date.

The film is all set to release on April 02, 2021 as per the recent released teaser. Fans are appreciating the confidence of the star who is creating work even in this crisis.

Recently he and his team of 'Bell Bottom' have begun the shoot in Scotland from August even in this crisis. The actor affirmed that even in crisis the work should go on!

It is evident that the cast and crew of the film 'Bell Bottom' went to Scotland in a charted flight and after 14 days of self quarantine their, they are all set to start filming. This film unit has owned the routine of the crisis. This incident shows how passionate and stubborn towards movies! All thought the film would should one schedule and return to India but they have announced that the film got wrapped just like that surprising all!

Akshay Kumar is the only star hero in Bollywood to grow this big without the support from big production houses or any God fathers in the early days. He is one superstar who does 3-4 films a year giving work for all the crew!

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