Telangana Hits A Sale Of Over 400 Crore Of Liquor In Dusshera!

Compared to normal days, the consumption of liquor during the Dusshera season sees massive growth in Telangana. Keeping the tradition alive, over 400 crores of liquor was sold in the festival season.

The reason for the growth of the rise in liquor sales in the festive season is that famous festivals Bathukamma and Dusshera Navaratri are simultaneously celebrated in the state for nine-days.

Reports claimed, around Rs 406 crore worth of liquor was dispatched from the liquor depots during the festive season. While liquor worth Rs 131 crore was sold on October 22.

On Saturday, which marks the Durgastami in Navaratri celebrations saw a sale of Rs 175 crore, followed by a sale of Rs 100 crore on Sunday.

Experts cite that an average of Rs 70 crore to Rs 100 crore of liquor is sold in the state daily, while Rs 406 crore worth of liquor was sold during the three main days of Navratri.

As of the 24th of October 2020, Telangana saw a tune of nearly Rs 2,000 crore with Rs 1979 crore. During the same period for the previous period i.e, 2019 Rs 1374 crore of liquor was sold, reports claimed.
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