Will Congress Put Up A United Fight In Mini-India?

Patancheru assembly constituency is called mini-India as it has people from various states in the country working in the industrial belt. The industrial area houses tens of thousands of skilled and unskilled labourers who come from different states.

However, despite its diversity, rabidly regional TRS has been winning the seat for the past two consecutive terms with comfortable majority. TRS MLA Mahipal Reddy is a well-known trade unionist with deep links to various industries and workers. The Congress, a national party, is unable to break his hold on the voters of Patancheru.

Unfortunately for the Congress, the party, which needs to put up a united fight against Mahipal Reddy, is a badly divided house.  It is divided into at least three factions, each fighting the other. One faction is led by Gali Anil, while the other two are led by Kata Srinivasa Goud and Godavari Anjireddy. Goud is an aggressive leader who prefers to plough a lonely furrow. Unfortunately for the party, all the three factions hold separate programmes and are not even on talking terms with one another.

Party sympathisers feel that at this rate, the party can never hope to revive its fortunes in Patancheru. They feel that party state affairs incharge Manickam Tagore should focus on Patancheru and bring all the three factions together.
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