Does T BJP Need A Core Committee?

Telangana BJP has a very interesting arrangement. It is called the Core Committee. Normally, core committees have three or four members. But, Telangana BJP’s core committee has over 23 members. By any standards, this is very huge and unwieldy. BJP sources say that as national president, Amit Shah was once shocked to see such a huge core committee.

But, the new state president seems to be averse to the idea of core committee. It is almost eight months since he was made the Telangana party president. So far, he has not made any move to reconstitute the new core committee. Bandi Sanjay has also not convened even a single meeting with the core committee so far. So, the big question in the BJP is whether the core committee is alive or not.

Some party leaders say that the core committee has expired the moment new president takes over. So, a new committee needs to be constituted. But, Sanjay is showing no signs of working on that. He is quite busy with other things and a core committee seems to be the last thing on his mind. But, quite interestingly, the members of the last core committee are still claiming that they are core committee members.
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