Adah Turns Navratri Season To Halloween

The damsel Adah Sharma knows no bounds at all when revealing her assets. The actress is famous for taking on all the major trending challenges on social media and gives her take in it!

Now few photographs of her are buzzing on social media. In this, Adah was seen wearing the attire of a Disney Princess. She was totally different and looked with high aspirations in the series of Navratri looks as she quoted! It is her assets and bubbly thighs that attract the eyes of the onlookers. Netizens know how clever Adah is in doing her glam show.

Adah who made her debut with 'Heart Attack' had a good career here but went missing when she had other language films in her hand. By the time she wanted to make a comeback, the likes of Rashmika and Pooja Hegde filled the space. Hope she would come of use to the emerging young men in Cinema as there is dearth for heroines in Tollywood!
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