Income Loss Due To Covid-19 Leaves A Heavy Toll On Hyderabadis!

India, which is the second severely-hit nation with the Covid-19 outbreak globally suffered massively after the Indian economy lost over 30,000 crores during the lockdown period.

Marketing and Consulting company Paisabaazar conducted a survey to find out the states that were suffered from the loss of income. The inability of paying back loans is also a parameter of the survey.

The survey has found out that Hyderabad is at the third spot in the list of top six severely affected metro politician cities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Delhi-NCR and Mumbai are at the next spots.

Nearly 8,500 between the age group of 24-57 across 35 cities have taken part in the survey. The survey was titled: 'Dealing with Debt: How India plans to pay EMIs'.

63 percent of teh residents of Hyderabad turned unemployed, while 20 percent of Hyd respondents have lost their income due to the pandemic. Sel-employed and employees have also faced the wrath of the pandemic, the survey said.
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