Let Us Show Some Positivity: Jeevitha Rajashekar

Recently sensational news broke that a Tollywood Veteran actor couple have been tested positive for Corona. They are none other than Rajashekar-Jeevitha.

it is said that the veterans were tested positive a week ago but news emerged late. Moreover while Rajashekar is taking the treatment in Hospital, his wife Jeevitha and daughters are safe.

On the latest when News sources went ahead and published that Rajashekar health is critical, the daughters of Jeevitha and herself clarified not to give value to the baseless rumours and confirmed that the health of her veteran actor husband is fine.

Moreover Jeevitha urged all the fans and well wishers to pray for the well being of the veteran actor and her husband. Let's show some positivity she requested all. Daughters of Rajashekar are also thanking the fans for the never ending prayers for their father!

The City Neuro Center Hospital sources said that they would discharge the actor soon.
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