Donald Trump Terms Air In India As Filthy

US President Donald Trump, who often projects the United States as a dear friend to India, called India filthy, referring to the air quality in the country, at a debate event.

Trump, who participated in the debate event ahead of the US Presidential events, called the air in three countries as filthy. He termed air in China, Russia, and India as filthy.

Backing the decision of the United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump said we had to spend trillions of dollars for Green Climate fund and received unfair treatment. That's why they walked out of the Paris Accord.

In the debate, he once again took a strong stand on job opportunities for the Local Americans. Due to the Paris Accord, we cannot compromise on jobs and companies, he said.

However, this is not the first time, Donald Trump blamed other nations for climate change. Earlier too, he held China, Russia, and India responsible for air pollution.

The Opposition Congress party took the opportunity to take a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the controversial remarks of his ‘friend' President Donald Trump

Congress Veteran Kapil Sibal took to Twitter and responded to the remarks. He called the filthy remark as the result of 'Howdy Modi ', an event where Modi shared the stage with Trump.
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