Mushroom-Based Nutraceutical To Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus

Clone Deals, a Hyderabad based start-up incubated at Atal Incubation Centre-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (AIC-CCMB), has announced an immunity booster to fight against COVID-19.
They developed a nutraceutical named "CoronAid" which is made from a mushroom, Cordyceps militaris that grows in the Himalayan region.

According to reports, the company colluded with Ambrosia Food Company, to develop a combination of the mushroom powder with curcumin to make CoronAid Anti-Viral Immunity Booster Oral Suspension.

"The first phase of clinical trials, to establish the safety of the formulation, is being done at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences at Nagpur and Bhopal, and also MGM, Navi Mumbai," Atik Patel, CEO of Clone Deals said.

The CoronAid will be available in the form a liquid and exclusively marketed by Nuzen Herbals in the coming days. The price of CoronAid is yet to be announced.
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