Centre Eases Visa And Travel Restrictions, Except For Tourists

Under the guidelines of Lockdown 5.0, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has been announcing many relaxations on resuming operations except for the containment areas across the nation.

As part of this, the Indian government has eased restrictions on Visas and travel and restored them. However, electronic, tourist, and medical visas are barred from this.

The orders issued by the NHA said, Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), Persons of Indian (PIO), and foreign nationals can travel to India. While travel visas will not be approved.

The government issued orders to restore visa and travel restrictions after a long period of eight months. The services were suspended across the nation with the imposition of a nationwide lockdown after the Covid-19 outbreak.

The existing visas will be restricted with immediate effect. Both the nationals of the country and foreign nations can avail of the new restrictions.

The passengers should follow the Covid-19 protocols to travel on the flights. Foreign nationals who want to visit India for treatment purposes should produce the required medical certificates.
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