Jana Sena Cadre Unhappy With Pawan Kalyan?

Though actor-politician Pawan Kalyan is geting increasingly PALLY with the BJP in Andhra Pradesh. But, this is not going down well with the Jana Sena cadre and supporters. The cadre is unhappy over this decision to align with the BJP. More importantly, they feel Pawan Kalyan is not showing the drive and dedication that one expects from a politician.

After Pawan Kalyan became friendly with the BJP, one expected that he would become active and start touring the whole state. However, not only has Pawan Kalyan has not done this, but also became inaccessible to the party workers. They also feel that Pawan Kalyan should clearly spell out his stand on the Capital issue. They feel that ambiguity on this issue will be detrimental to the party in future.

The fans and supporters of Pawan Kalyan also feel that the BJP leaders and cadre in various constituencies of the state are taking them from granted. The BJP is ignoring us and is imposing its programmes on it, they say. The BJP is organising programmes on its own and is thrusting them on Jana Sena. Pawan should take interest in the party affairs and ensure better coordination, they said.
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