Dubbak Campaign Burning A Hole In Congress Leaders Pockets

Congress Party's Telangana affairs incharge Manickam Tagore is proving to be a tough nut to crack for the party leaders. He is making them huff and puff.He is making them go round Dubbak and undertake election campaign. Not just that, he is insisting that the key leaders stay put in Dubbak and not come back to Hyderabd by night.

But, more than all these, there is one diktat of Manickam Tagore that is turning out to be a source of heartburn for the Congress leaders. Tagore has asked the party leaders not to burden the local cadre by their stay in Dubbak. He is asking them to spend money from their pockets. Not just that. He has chided them for complaining too much.

"Don't complain. Work with whatever resources you have. Do not expect the local units to bear your expenses. Spend from your pocket. Can't you spend Rs 10 lakh?" This is the poser of Tagore to all the Congress leaders. Left with no option, these leaders are now shelling out from their pockets and are bearing their own expenditure. "How can we spend so much for some other candidate," asked a senior leader on condition of anonymity. However, Manickam Tagore is not relenting. He is insisting that the  senior leaders should set an example by spending from their pocket.
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