Hit & Flop Are The Same For A Prabhas Film!

Young rebel star Prabhas is not just a Tollywood hero anymore. He is a star with nationwide appeal. Thanks to 'Baahubali', his market grew by leaps and bounds. But there is a talk going around in the film industry regarding the business of his films.

Many claim that there is not much difference between his film succeeding and failing. As per insiders, Prabhas' hit films are getting around 10 crores of profits which is meager considering the high budgets involved. His flop films are reaching the breakeven mark which means that there are not much of losses. This is a common talk among industry circles nowadays.

But the producers are spending crores on him because positive talk from a Prabhas film means record-breaking collections. That is the reason why the makers of 'Radhe Shyam' are investing heavily despite the current situation. They are spending a lot on foreign schedules, CGI work and other things. We need to wait and see if the risk taken by UV Creations works out or not.
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