Ram Charan Eyes On The Hindi Market Once Again!

Mega Power Star Ram Charan is one of the rare star heroes of this generation who tried to create a market for himself in Hindi even before 'Baahubali' happened. He tried his luck by remaking Amitabh's iconic film 'Zanjeer'. Sadly, that film turned out to be a disaster and Charan was forced to contain himself to Tollywood.

Talk in the tinsel town is that Charan is once again focusing on creating a market in Hindi. As a part of it, he reportedly decided to dub for himself in the Hindi version of 'RRR'. NTR’s introduction video is a trail for his diction and delivery.

After 'Baahubali', Prabhas became a national level star and stars like Bunny and Devarakonda are also aiming for a market in Bollywood. Coming to the Hindi version of 'RRR', it will be Rajamouli who gets most of the accolades but after him, Devgn and Alia, it going to be Ram Charan who gets the credit as he is already familiar. Let us wait and see how Ram Charan plans his next steps.
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