Will Pawan Kalyan Campaign In Dubbak?

There is a strong buzz in Dubbak that the BJP will rope in Jana Sena chief and actor Pawan Kalyan to campaign in support of its candidate M Raghunandan Rao.  The BJP sources say that Pawan could conduct a road show and address a couple of street corner meetings in support of Raghunandan.

With Dubbak getting hotted up due to the political battles ahead of the bypoll, the BJP, which is being seen as a strong contender in the constituency, is pulling all stops. The party feels that it stands a fair chance as the people are disenchanted with the TRS  and its failed promise. But, the political sagacity of Harish Rao is ensuring in undercutting the BJP support. Hence the BJP feels that it should rope in charismatic vote catcher Pawan Kalyan to wean away the young voters.

It is being reported that both Bandi Sanjay and G Kishan Reddy have already met Pawan Kalyan and briefed him about the political scene in Dubbak. Meanwhile, there are reports that Pawan Kalyan has asked his team of experts to make a study on the political situation in Dubbak. Pawan would campaign only if the winds are blowing in favour of the BJP candidate.
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