Pope Francis Supports Same-Sex Civil Unions

Pope Francis surprised the world by endorsing same-sex civil unions. His support for the civil union came as a surprise as he earlier raised his voice against gay marriage.

His support for same-sex civil unions came at a documentary that was premiered at the popular Rome Film Festival. Pope is the first pontiff to support same-sex civil unions.

Going into detail, a documentary titled "Francesco" was premiered at the Rome Film Festival, which premiers the sit-down interviews. In the interviews, he spoke about various issues.

The various topics he spoke about include environment, poverty, migration, inequalities, and how people were affected on the grounds of the discrimination

In the documentary, Pope called same-sex couples as the Children of God. One cannot be sent out from the family with Homosexuality and they have all the rights to be a part of the family.

It is believed that Pope Francis endorsed the same-sex civil unions, back when he served as the archbishop of Buenos Aires. This time, he openly supported the civil unions.

Several lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender(LBGT) communities and organizations that fight for the rights and respect for LGBT showered praises on Pope Francis and said this development will send a strong message to the world.
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