Vijay Sethupathi To Act In Yet Another Biopic

The latest news from Kollywood film circles is all about the biopics and actor Vijay Sethupathi acting in it!

It is evident that the Cricketer Muralitharan Biopic has began with much fan fare only to end midway due to the social media hate trend on Muralitharan, who kept silent when asked about attrocities on Tamilians by Srilanka Government!

Most recently, the movie team of 800 have released a teaser that showed Makkal Selvan just aceing the look of Muralitharan. Vijay Sethupathi just looked perfect as Murali in this ambitious biopic!  it was supposed to be a pan India film with a big scale production with a great cast and crew.

Now even after this many disturbances of starring in a biopic, news sources said that Vijay Sethupathi would act in the biopic of LTTE Chief the late Velu Pillai Prabhakaran. The biopic would be made as a web series by the biopic specialist AMR Ramesh. It is said that just an official announcement is left!

Vijay Sethupathi is busy with half a dozen films like 'Laabam' and 'Thuglaq Darbar'. He is awaiting the release of big film 'Master'
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