Controversy Of Congress Leader's Item Remark Getting Bigger And Bigger

The controversial "item" remark against a BJP woman leader of Congress veteran Kamal Nath which created quite a political stir has reached the Election Commission of India.

The election process administration body took a serious note of the remark and asked the former Chief Minister to explain his "item" remark and granted him 48 hours for this.

The Election Commission of India has served notices to the leader and asked him to explain his item remark in 48 hours. If he fails to do so, the Election Commission will take action against him, the notice said.

Recalling the shocking remark, on Sunday Kamal Nath campaigned for Congress party candidate Suresh Raje. Addressing the event, he called BJP woman candidate Imarta Devi as "item".

BJP condemned the comments and appealed to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi to take action against Kamal Nath for such disrespectful comments against a woman leader.

However, in his recent media briefing, Kamal Nath called the item term as a usually used term and tried to explain the context he used it instead of apologizing to Imarta Devi.

Now it is interesting to know, how the former Chief Minister will respond to Election Commission’s notice and explain the term. Well, for that, we may have to wait for a couple of days.
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