Why Did Somu Virraju Suspend Lanka Dinakar?

BJP AP president Somu Virraju, it appears is firm and quite determined about enforcing party discipline. Soon after taking over, he sent a strong warning to those who stay in the party, but work to protect the interests of their former bosses. He has told them in no uncertain terms that this cannot go on.

Now he has once again shown his firmness by suspending senior politician Lanka Dinakar. Lanka Dinakar was the TDP spokesperson and had joined the party after the TDP went out of power. But, even after joining the BJP, he still appeared to be protecting the interests of the TDP. His actions have drawn the attention of the party leadership on more than one occasion. In the past too, he was served a showcause notice for his indiscretions.

He was also told by the party leadership not to take part in the TV debates. But, Dinakar not just not replied to the notice, but also has been attending the debates. In those debates, he invariably took a line that ran counter to the party line. Angered by this blatant show of defiance, Somu Virraju suspended Lanka Dinakar from the BJP with immediate effect.

This is being seen as a clear indication that those who serve he interests of other parties even while being in the BJP will no longer be tolerated.
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