Who Are The 'Bigg Bosses' Behind This Former Anchor?

One surprise candidate in Dubbak bypoll, who is grabbing quite a few eyeballs is anchor and RJ Kathi Karthika. Kathi Karthika, an engineering grad and a popular TV personality known for her Bigg Boss stint, has been making waves. She is contesting as a  Forward Block candidate and is campaigning vigorously.

Karthika is always seen in travelling in swank Skoda and Land Rover and is invariably accompanied by four bouncers. She is campaigning throughout the day and is addressing several meetings. Money, it appears, is no constraint for her. Sources close to her say that some big shots in Hyderabad are funding her election campaign. One does not really know why is she in the fray and what is her political agenda. She is also said to be assuring her party workers that there is no paucity of funds.

What are Kathi Karthika's political ambitions? This is the biggest question  that is being asked these days. Recently, Karthika was found to be involved in a land deal in Aminpur village. So, the point is who are behind Karthika and who are funding her election expenses? What are her links to real estate lobbies in the city? Why are they funding her? What are her future political moves?

Well! One has to wait till November 11 to know what becomes of her and how will she perform in the elections.
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