Will Kadiyam Upstage Palla?

Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, the lone TRS MLA from the graduates constituency in the state is in a dilemma. He has won from the Khammam-Warangal-Nalgonda Graduates constituency last time. But, during the last six years, he had done literally nothing and there is a disenchantment with him among the graduate voters.

Realising this, Palla Rajeshwara Reddy has been saying that he is not interested in contesting again and that he had done his bit for the people and the party. It is time for him to retire gracefully. This is what his supporters too have been parroting all along. But, just a fortnight ago, he changed tack and began claiming that he would be in the fray once again as KCR had asked him to contest. He even held a meeting with the educational institutions recently to elicit their opinion.

But, meanwhile, it is emerging that KCR seems inclined to make senior colleague and former deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari as the MLC candidate. The term of Kadiyam, who is currently an MLC from local bodies constituency, is coming to an end. So, in order to rehabilitate him, KCR is mulling to give ticket for Graduates constituency to him. This has come as a shock for Palla Rajeshwar Reddy.

But, Kadiyam has a small condition to contest the elections. His daughter Kavya should be given party ticket to contest as an MLA in 2023. By all indications, KCR is likely to oblige and Kadiyam is set to replace Palla.
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