MLA Atchannaidu Appointed As TDP President Of AP

TDP MLA Atchannaidu, a former minister from the Kinjarapu family who is the backbone of the TDP in North Andhra, has been appointed as the President of Telugu Desam Party of AP wing.

Atchannaidu, who was also jailed on charges of ESI scam during his tenure as Labor Minister in Chandrababu government, is known as a key leader in the party. Being a leader of the BC community also favoured the MLA to receive the party responsibilities.

The TDP decided to reorganize the National Committee. The party formed a Central Committee with 27 members and Polit Bureau with 20 members. Three women have been made vice-Chairperson of the Central Committee. Galla Arunakumari, who resigned voluntarily from the post of Polit Bureau, has been appointed as the Vice President.

MP Rammohan Naidu, Lokesh, Nimmala, Varla Ramaiah and four others have been appointed as the party's national general secretaries.

The party, on the other hand, decided to continue L. Ramana as Telangana TDP president.
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