Serum Insititute Official Says India Can Expect Covid-19 Vaccine In December

Speaking at an event held by a non-governmental organization (NGO), Dr. Suresh Jadav, executive director of Serum Institute of India (SII) said around the Covid-19 vaccine could be made available in India by December this year.

However, Dr. Suresh Jadav said the Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine will be available in the Market in March 2021 as it will take time to get the required licenses.

Talking about vaccine manufacturing, the SII official said, once the vaccine gets released in the market,  the institute can produce  700-800 million vaccine dosages every year.

Currently, the SII is carrying out the clinical trials of phase 2 and 3  of the vaccine. The Pune-based drug manufacturer has inked a deal with AstraZeneca to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

On the other hand, the clinical trials of two other vaccines, WHO's COVAX, Sputnik V vaccine of Russia at Dr. Reddy's are underway. All the eyes are on the clinical trial developments.
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