This Is How Harish Rao Is Covering Every Voter In Dubbak

TRS minister and incharge of the Dubbak byelections, Harish Rao has appointed a very effective system of voter monitoring. He has developed an ingenious system to track the movement of every key leader at the ward level in Dubbak.

Under this system, he has appointed 20 workers for four to five villages. These workers are not involved in electioneering. Their job is just to monitor different leaders and to track the TRS leaders who have underhand dealings with the other parties. In addition, there is one incharge for every 100 voters.

Thus, the Mirudoddi, Thoguta, Chegunta, Narsingi, Doultabad, Rayapole and Dubbak mandals have a total of 1.97 lakh voters. Thus, 1500 workers are involved in contacting 100 voters each. They will meet these voters day in and day out. They not just keep in touch with them, but also identify those who are in favour of the TRS candidate and those who don't. They try to win over those who are anti-TRS, while they will ensure that the TRS supporters do not fall prey to any other party.

Thus, these workers will continuously monitor the voters and inform the central control room in the constituency. Depending on the need and necessity, Harish Rao will directly talk to them. This is the way Harish Rao gets the massive majority in Siddipet. Now, he is employing the same system for Dubbak.
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