This PM Was An Advisor To Another Country's PM

Do you know that this Prime Minister has a unique distinction? She has worked as an election advisor for another prime ministerial candidate in another country. After this politician of another country became the prime minister, she was his part of his close coterie. Now, she has come back to her country, contested elections, won them and has become the prime minister for the second time running.

Meet Jacinda Ardren, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. A Left of the Centre socialist prime minister, she has come won for the second time running and this time, she has secured an absolute majority. She can now be an independent PM undependent on any other party for support.

Jacinda made a name for herself by the way she dealt with the White Supremacists who attacked a Muslim gathering and also the deadly Covid 19, has won an absolute majority. But, this 1980-born Prime Minister was a young labour party activist in New Zealand, she shifted to Britain. There she worked as a senior advisor in the policy group of the then British PM Tony Blair.  In 2008, she became the president of the International Socialist Youth Union. Later, she came back to the New Zealand and became a politician there.  The total population of New Zealand is just 50 lakh.
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