Prabhas Airport Looks Are A Swagger

The Tollywood Rebel Star Prabhas has become Pan India star post Bahubali franchise success.  Prabhas is said to be in pressure to complete his ongoing Prabhas #20 film Radhe Shyam as soon as possible and make it release in the year 2021 on the earliest due to the crisis.

Recently the UV creations has released the first look poster of the film and even announced the title as Radhe Shyam. The first look released was so intense that it suggests the film as a emotional love story set in a period. News sources even revealed that the film was extensively shot in Italy before the rise of pamdemic and the rest of the portions could be carried in sets built in studios in Hyderabad.

All those plans didn't workout and thus the unit has headed to Italy very recently. The swag looks of Prabhas from Airport are going viral and this is said that the unit has intentionally diverted fans who are sick of updates from the makers!

It is evident that Prabhas has class and mass image that no other star has in India. He has acclaimed a huge fan following as darling among his girl fans! Let's see how this love story impresses the audiences across the World.
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