Illegal Liquor Smuggling Costs Kanaka Durga Temple Trust Member Her Job

Keeping his promise that was made during the election campaign, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is taking strict actions to ban liquor in the state in a phased manner.

While the state government is taking steps in this regard, the illegal liquor from the neighboring states is entering the state, as the liquor smugglers are adopting various methods.

The recent incident of illegal liquor smuggling has created a sensation in the state. The excise cops have caught the smugglers red-handed who were smuggling liquor in a vehicle which belongs to a Kanaka Durga temple trust board member

Chukka Naga Varalaksmi, one of the Kanaka Durga temple trust board member, took the moral responsibility for the liquor smuggling from fellow Telugu state Telangana and resigned from her post.

Varalaksmi has sent her resignation letter to the Kanaka Durga temple trust board Chairman and EO in which she said that she was not aware of the liquor bottle transport in her vehicle and held her driver responsible for the act.
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