Payal Rajput Responds To Social Media Trolls

ollywood actress Payal Rajput, who rose to fame with RX100 film, was mercilessly trolled on social media after she posted a video where she was undergoing a Covid-19 test.

After a break of six months, the actress resumed shooting and took a mandatory COVID-19 test before getting back on sets. In the video, the actress was seen crying and screaming in fear as she gets the test done.

Within moments, she was trolled by netizens for reacting more than required and making a big deal out of nothing. Payal, however, was hurt with netizens reaction.

While speaking to a leading news daily, she revealed that she has a fear of needles and anything to do with medicines and injections. So getting a swab test was a very difficult experience for her.

She added that it is unfair and insensitive to troll for her reaction and revealed that she was hurt by these trolls.
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