Why All Drug Case-Accused Sport White Dresses?

Why do film stars wear traditional dresses, especially whites, while attending police questioning? The Tollywood did it when there was a drug case in Hyderabad. All the stars, including Charmme Kaur who is known for her sartorial adventurism, wore white kurtas and pyjamas. They tried to look as simple as possible.

Now that the Bollywood is embroiled in an unseemly drug case, one notices that all the stars like Rhea Chakravarthy, Rakul Preet, Sara Alikhan, Shraddha Kapoor and Deepika Padukone wore white tops and kurtas. Only Soha wore a blue jeans over a white top. Sources say that white dresses give a feeling of the actors being simple and affable. White or cream colour helps in generating sympathy. This will help them in creating a positive feeling about them. Hence most stars sport white dresses.

The image makers employ brand and image builders who suggest what to wear during such times. The idea is to lessen the impact of negative publicity. No drug case accused has worn flashy clothes so far. So, the actors seem to be taking the brand builders' advice a tad too seriously.
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