Will Babri verdict help BJP in Bihar, Bengal?

Understandably the BJP is highly elated by the CBI court on Babri demolition. The court verdict has exonerated all the key leaders of the party in the demolition. The party feels that the verdict has come at the right time for it as the elections to both Bihar and West Bengal are round the corner.

In Bihar, the Ayodhya is an emotive issue. In fact, Advani's Rath Yatra was stopped in Bihar's Samastipur way back in the 1980s. The BJP-Nitish combine, which also has having several Dalit parties in its alliance, is the hot favourite in the Bihar elections. Even the Sushant Rajput death is proving to be helpful for the BJP as the BJP has successfully made it a Bihar vs Maharashtra issue. Now Ayodhya issue is turning out to be a hot issue.

In Bengal too, BJP's slogan of Jai Sriram will find a ready echo in view of the Ayodhya issue, the paty is upbeat. It hopes to repeat its Lok Sabha election result, when it won 18 of the 22 seats and got more than 40.60 per cent votes. The party feels that this verdict will help it in building up the Ayodhya issue all over again. Will the Babri verdict help the BJP? Will Muslim voters polarize behind the TMC and will this cause a reverse polarization among the Hindus? Let's wait and see.
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