Why Singareni Elections Are Being Postponed?

The biggest issue in North Telangana's coal belt is when will the elections for the recognized union of the Singareni Collieries be held? Though the term of the existing union has expired some six months ago, the elections have not been called for. This has become a hot topic for discussion.

Control of the trade union in Singareni Collieries is very crucial for the political parties in the region. Coal belt plays a decisive role in the politics of Adilabad, Komuram Bheem Asifabad and Jayashankar Bhupalapally districts,where a large number of present and retired coal belt employees stay. At least eight assembly constituencies are impacted by the coal belt voters. Hence winning the trade union is very important for all political parties.

In the last union elections, the ruling TRS has employed every trick in the trade and won the elections. But, it could not deliver on its promises. So, angry employees have not backed the TRS in the civic and panchayat elections. In the coal belt, the party's performance was not entirely satisfactory. Hence the TRS backed unions want to ensure that at least some promises are delivered before the elections so that the union leaders can go and seek votes. The rival unions are now demanding that the elections be held immediately and a new recognized union be put in place. The TRS, on its part, is trying to delay as much as possible.
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