Why Did Gadde Baburao Resign From TDP?

Former Government whip Gadde Babu Rao's resignation from the TDP has exposed the fight between the senior leaders and the younger group. TDP boss Chandrababu's frantic attempts to give the responsibility of the Vizianagaram parliamentary constituency to younger leaders so that they can team up with Lokesh Babu, have caused tension in the party.

Chandrababu is now planning to rejig his team by pushing aside seniors and give the positions of power to younger leaders who will be loyal to Nara Lokesh. As part of the efforts he had announced that Kimidi Nagarjuna would be the Lok Sabha seat incharge. Soon after, former MLA KA Naidu of Gajapathi Nagaram has raised a banner of revolt. He said the party has ignored the seniors and their sacrifices.

Protesting this decision, Gadde Babu Rao had gone a step ahead and resigned from the post. He said the TDP was disrespecting the seniors. He said he was resigning as his honour and self-respect were hurt. In Vizianagaram too,  Ashok Gajapathi Raju is deeply upset at his daughter Aditi being not considered for the Vizianagaram Lok Saba constituency incharge post.
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