Chandrababu Double-Crosses Kinjarapu Family

Is Chandrababu Naidu playing a double game with the Kinjarapu family in Srikakulam district? It clearly appears that Chandrababu Naidu is trying to pit one Kinjarapu against the other.  This is leading to conflict within the politically powerful TDP family.

Kinjarapu family has always stood by the TDP and Kinjarapu Yerren Naidu was the TDP voice at the national level for years. His brother Atchen Naidu was a minister and is recently out on bail in the ESI scam. Chandrababu Naidu has tried to make Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu, son of late Yerren Naidu as the TDP AP chief. He was chosen because he was young and would gel well with Nara Lokesh.

However, in view of the recent ESI Scam and the arrest of Atchen Naidu, Chandrababu thought that by appointing Atchen to the AP chiefs post, he can get sympathy and support. So, he announced Atchen Naidu's name. But, now Chandrababu has put the announcement on hold till at least November.

The reason? Chandrababu does not want Atchen as he is too senior for Lokesh to handle. So, he wants Rammohan Naidu. So, he has put off the announcement. But all this has caused a sort of a rift between both  Atchen Naidu and his nephew Rammohan Naidu. Both the families are now said to be at logger heads.
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