Dashing Director suggests the youth to not get married

Dashing Director Puri Jagannath is making the best of free time due to the COVID-19 outbreak, followed by a series of lockdowns. In recent times, the director has been doing podcasts on various topics. He titled the podcasts as Puri Musings.

In his latest podcasts, Puri Jagannath came up with a suggestion to his fans. Puri suggested his followers to not get married, rather enjoy the single life.

Taking about the suggestions, Puri said that he has been receiving criticism for his suggestions on marriage. However, the director said he doesn’t bother about the criticism and he will continue with his suggestions.

Puri even hoped that the next generations should know the importance of being single in life and they should know the art of living the life to king size.

A majority of his podcasts are related to topics like love and marriage. Like his Guru Ram Gopal Varma(RGV), Puri Jagannath also encourages his fans to enjoy the single life.

Puri Jagannath has gained fans from within the film fraternity for his Musings. Earlier directors like Deva Katta, Gopichand Malinnei, and Harish Shankar complimented him for his podcasts

He made podcasts o various topics like comfort zone, friendship, love, marriage, and dogs. Puri Jagannath who is an evident animal lover always mentions them. In a podcast, he said we can learn a lot of things from animals.
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