See Where Temple Attack Links Lead To

Who is behind the spate of attacks on the Hindu temples and the Hindu deities in Andhra Pradesh? Why has there been a sudden spurt in such attacks? How come these attacks are happening only now and not before?

Several people are asking these questions. Most of the deities attacked are small, in private places and do not have regular police protection.

In Rajahmundry's Hukumpet, a Ganesa statue in front of a home was defiled. The TDP workers flocked to the place and raised a huge ruckus over this. They tried to portray it as an attack on Hinduism. But it later turned out that the home belonged to a TDP activist. When this was exposed, the protesters simply melted away.

In Yeleswaram of East Godavari district, a group of drunken hooligans damaged the statue of Hanuman. The statue was kept in the front yard of a Vyayamshala. The drunkards were sent away from the Vyayamshala and in anger, they attacked the statue outside the Vyayamshala. The TDP tried to paint it as a communal attack.

In Guntur too, a similar incident occurred. A family threw a Hanuman statue out of their house. But, later inquiries showed that the house belonged to a TDP activist. Incidents such as these are giving rise to whether there is a conspiracy to defame the YS Jagan government in the name of religion.
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