Court Case Filed On Kangana For Her 'Terrorists' Remarks

Actress Kangana Ranaut is blasting nepotism and every other issue in Bollywood like hell fire ever since the death of talented actor Sushant.

Now a case was filed in the Court of Thumkur, Karnataka alleging that the actress has called Farmers as Terrorists while she made comments on the opposition parties as to why they questioned the in power government when they can't educate all. This was the same case with CAB too said the actress. It remains to be seen how the actress and her legal team face the case in the Court in a small town!

Recently this national award winner has moved to High Court Of Bombay and complained that the BMC should pay her a compensation of Rs 2 Crores for the 40% demolition they caused to her Pali Hills Home.

It is evident that she alleged Maharashtra Government saying that Mumbai has become like a POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) that restless due to mafia and injustice and poor lifestyle and not equal to all kinds of life.

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