Chinese Banks Case: Anil Ambani Discloses His Assests UK Court

The Chairman of Reliance Group Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, who was once a sixth richest person on th earth revealed the details of his assets to a United Kingdom(UK) court over Chinese banks' case.

While rejecting a judge's comment on his lifestyle, Anil Ambani said that he is a simple man to pay off the legal fees, he even sold all his jewelry.

While giving evidence through a video link, Anil Ambani has reportedly said that by selling off his jewelry he received Rs 9.9 crore in six months, i.e, between January and June 2020.

Mentioning about his lifestyle, a Judge commented that the businessman lived a lavish lifestyle.

Replying to the judge's comments the indebted businessman maintained that the stories carried by the media about his lifestyle are exaggerated and said that he never owned a Rolls Royce.

The industrialist made the claims during the hearing of a lawsuit brought by three Chinese companies on an alleged breach of personal guarantee on a debt refinancing loan.

The banks' trio argued that back in 2012, they have funded for his Reliance Communications Ltd on a condition with a personal guarantee to pay the debts which he failed to do.

As he failed to pay $716.9 million and $ 750,000 for the Chinese banks' trio by the 12th of June as directed by the court earlier, the Chinese banks moved the court to disclose his assets.
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