Rivals In The Same Party, Bickering Continues

What happens when to arch rivals join the same party? The likely outcome is instead of a newfound bonhomie, there would be a continuation of the old rivalry. The same thing is happening with arch rivals - Sabitha Indra Reddy and Teegala Krishna Reddy.

Both sabitha and Teegala represent Maheshwaram constituency. In 2014, Teegala defeated Sabitha and became an MLA. Soon after his victory, he had joined the ruling TRS. In 2019, Sabitha defeated Teegala and entered the house as a Congress MLA. Within a few days, she shifted to TRS and became a minister. Now both the leaders are still at loggerheads. While Sabitha claims that she has the blessings of KCR, Teegala claims he has the backing of KTR.

Soon after her becoming a minister, Sabitha has begun giving key posts to her supporters and tried to wean away Teegala's supporters. Upset by this, Teegala has reportedly asked his supporters not to visit Sabitha. But these leaders cannot ignore a sitting MLA, who is also a minister. It is the party workers who are the biggest sufferers In this battle of one-upmanship.
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